Hikvision Temperature Screening Thermographic Bullet Camera Fixed Lens 3mm

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Hikvision DS-2TD2617B-3/PA DeepinView series temperature screening thermographic bullet cameras are infrared imaging cameras. This range and series of thermal imaging cameras, with a temperature range of 30°C to 45°C, not only measure an individual’s skin temperature within the thermal imaging camera range but also identifies higher body temperatures within a crowded public area. This identifies a high skin temperature or EST (elevated skin temperature), which can be a sign someone is ill.

The thermal imaging camera is not a clinical diagnostic device. The camera will record people with a raised body temperature, further medical tests would have to be performed to confirm their status. The thermographic camera if used with other medical equipment can assist in detecting and preventing the spread on an infection or disease.

With higher accuracy than many other models the DS-2TD2617B-3/PA temperature screening thermal imaging camera is fitted with a high-performance sensor and Infrared (IR) resolution 160 x 120 pixels thermal plus audio alarm system activating when a higher range reading is detected.

This amazing thermal imaging camera has a wealth of features, and applications including picture in picture, 3D DNR image enhancements, Bi-spectrum image fusion plus you can overlay an optical image onto the thermal image enhancing the detail.

  • Thermal imaging infrared camera, thermal camera.
  • Measures body temperature in real time.
  • High sensitive IR thermal sensor.
  • Thermal Camera Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C
  • Thermal Camera Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Infrared (IR) distance 40 m.
  • 3.1 mm Thermal Camera Lens, Thermal resolution 160 x 120.
  • 4 mm Thermal Camera Lens, Optical resolution 2688 x 1520.
  • Thermal camera FOV, field of vision, 50° x 37.2°.
  • Optical FOV, 84° x 44.8°.
  • Thermal cameras detect persons with out-of-range skin temperatures which may indicate possible EBT.
  • Picture in Picture overlay.
  • Audio thermal camera alarm.
  • Available in 32 languages.
  • Camera size 358.3 x 113.5 x 115.2 mm.
  • Camera Weight 1.762 kg.
  • Thermal Infrared camera applications, offices, factories, stations, airports, indoor environments, public spaces.
  • Thermal camera has no immediate clinical medical applications.
  • Protection level IP66.
  • Indoor and windless environments.
  • Suitable for indoor environments, offices, factories, stations, airports and public areas.