Siemens Logo TD Text Display

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Siemens LOGO! TD Text Display 12 → 24 volt DC

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The Siemens LOGO! series logic module has 2 Ethernet communication ports. This panel-mount logic module has a screw termination method. It has an SD-card slot for applications that require a larger space. The logic module has a supply voltage that ranges between 12VDC and 24VDC and outputs current of 10A. It also has a ’text message communication’ function for alerts. The LOGO! CMR module makes it possible to provide control via smartphone. The LOGO! web editor is a new tool used together with a LOGO! base module (BM) and LOGO! soft comfort. This tool helps you create user-defined web pages in the editor pane and visit the whole project through a web server of a LOGO! base module. The data of the logic module can be accessed through the LOGO! access tool V2.0.0.
LOGO! TDE text display, 6-line, 3 background colours, 2 Ethernet ports, Installation accessory for LOGO!