Siemens Logo! Logic Controller with Display

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Siemens LOGO! 24CE Logic Module 24 volts DC 8 x Input – 4 x Output With Display

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The Siemens LOGO! logic module has 8 digital inputs and 4 transistor outputs with a contact rating of 300mA. This DIN rail mount logic module has a screw termination method. This logic module has a supply voltage of 24VDC. It has a ‘text message communication’ function for alerts. Control via a smartphone is made possible using the LOGO! CMR module. The LOGO! web editor is a new tool used together with LOGO! base module (BM) and LOGO! soft comfort. It can communicate with other modules of the LOGO! series and SIMATIC S7 devices. This tool helps you to create user-defined web pages in the editor pane and visit the whole project through the web server of the LOGO! base module. The data of a logic module can be accessed through the LOGO! access tool V2.0.0.

Features and Benefits:
Logic module with LCD display
Simplified handling
Operating temperature ranges between -20°C and 55°C
New optical indicating display
Full communication function
Integrated web server
LCD display
Orange and red back lighting
Logic modules are compatible for all voltages
Integrated Ethernet connectivity
No HTML knowledge required

Built-in web server
Industrial and manufacturing process
User-defined web page

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