Hochiki Manual Call Point with Short Circuit Isolator

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Manual Call Point with integral short-circuit isolator, which is fully compatible with Hochiki’s ESP analogue addressable protocol.

The unit incorporates a bi-coloured LED, which can be selected as pulsing/non-pulsing for communications polling (1) and is continuously lit when the HCP-E(SCI) is operated. In these two states the LED will show red.

The LED will show amber when a short-circuit is present but will switch to red if the unit is activated.

The unit operates by pressing the EN54 compliant non-frangible (plastic) element and produces a high level ESP interrupt.

A built in test function initiated by the control panel ensures the integrity of the device at all times and the device can be tested by insertion of a test key in the underside of the unit.

Two terminal blocks are provided for easy connection to the loop wiring.